Penn State York becomes a smoke-free campus

Penn State York became a smoke-free campus effective Monday, Aug. 30, according to Joel M. Rodney, chancellor at Penn State York. Based on the recommendations of the Student Government Association (SGA), in conjunction with the Penn State York Campus Senate, Rodney made the decision. The only exception to this policy is that smoking will be permitted in the student parking lots. The ash urns now located outside of campus buildings will be moved to the student parking lots.

“I am pleased by the decision made by the York Student Government Association and the Campus Senate because it brings the campus in line with best practices for promoting a healthy lifestyle, which is one of Penn State’s objectives,” said Rodney.

Those involved have been considering this issue for about two years, and based on the recommendations of the campus community, the policy has been enacted. Signs have been posted on campus alerting students and others of this policy change, and it has been included in the student handbook. Smoking has not been permitted in campus buildings at Penn State since 1976.

Students at Penn State York were very much a part of the smoke-free decision according to Matt Sutton, the campus’ SGA president in fall 2009 who really helped move the recommendation forward.

“We spent a lot of time looking into this issue and trying to figure out the best thing to do for the campus. There were a number of surveys and discussions that took place before I was even a part of the SGA. I’m very proud to have been a part of this decision,” Sutton said.

To date, Penn State York has adhered to the University Policy AD32 which indicates that smoking of any material is prohibited in all University facilities, at all locations, including University-owned vehicles. The complete policy is available at online.