Drabik honored with 2018 Support Staff Award

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — Mary “Shelly” Drabik, administrative support assistant in the Department of Enrollment Services at Penn State York, has been honored with the 2018 Support Staff Award.

The award recognizes the overall high-quality performance of a full-time member of the support staff with at least five years of active service in fulfilling the mission of the University and of his or her college or administrative unit. It also recognizes dedicated focus to customer service, commitment to quality improvement, outstanding skills and abilities, teamwork and professionalism.

Colleagues praised Drabik’s commitment to customer service. They said she sees a high volume of students but she’s able to handle the workload with ease because of her “caring nature.”

Her commitment to quality improvement was also cited. Colleagues said she has a gift for improving processes so that they are both more efficient and more beneficial to staff and students.

One example of this was when Drabik was tasked — while the campus was without an admissions director — with taking the lead role on the Pathways to Success Summer Start (PaSSS) program, a new program that allows at-risk first-year students to begin college during the second summer session.

“The administrative areas that Drabik supports run as efficiently as they do because of the talented and committed staff members like her,” a colleague said. “She is a consummate professional, and a role model to her peers. She’s a valued partner in sustaining the primary educational mission of the campus. We are very fortunate to have her among our ranks.”