Be a Penn Stater for a Day: York campus offers sneak peek of college experience

African American student and caucasian student at desks in class

Lawrence Williams, at front, a current Penn State York student, attends class at Penn State York.

Credit: Michelle Bixby

YORK, Pa. — Students not currently enrolled at Penn State York who are looking for a taste of what a college class is like can attend a class alongside current students through a program called Be a Penn Stater for a Day, set to launch in early February.

“I’d like participants to visit our campus, especially if they’ve never had a chance to do that,” said Ryan Service Manzo, director of enrollment services at Penn State York. “Through this program, they’ll meet instructors and staff that could be influential in their decision of where to attend college. Plus, they’ll experience what a college class could be like, which will allow them to analyze the difference between classes they’ve had versus what we offer here at Penn State York.”

Who can participate in Be a Penn Stater for a Day?

Individuals who are curious about Penn State York but aren’t currently enrolled can register to attend a class through this program. Prospective students, applicants, admitted students, and even students who have committed to Penn State York are welcome to register. Some examples of potential participants are:

  • College-bound high school juniors or seniors.
  • College students considering a change of campus or college.
  • Adults looking to enhance or change their career through higher education.
  • Veterans transitioning to civilian life through higher education.

What is the structure of the program?

After their registration has been confirmed, participants should report to the admissions office in the Main Classroom Building on campus the day of the class, about 10 minutes before the start time. They will be greeted by a member of the admissions team, who will escort them to the classroom where their selected lecture or lab will take place. Class times and durations vary, so participants should read the registration form closely and plan accordingly.

What kinds of classes are available to preview?

A general education session about effective communication, Civil War history, and a hands-on chemistry lab are just some examples of the program offerings. The wide range of class options allows students to select the topic that interests them most. The full list of available classes and when they take place can be found on the Be a Penn Stater for a Day webpage.

The only cost to participants is their personal time and travel expenses.

What do participants stand to gain from the experience?

“We want students to feel comfortable and confident in their decision of where to attend college,” said Service Manzo. “By visiting our campus and interacting with people in a classroom setting, participants can get a better sense of what a regular day is like as a Penn State York student. I’m looking forward to hearing about participants’ experiences.”

For more information about Be a Penn Stater for a Day, contact Service Manzo at [email protected] or call 717-771-4040.