Penn State York New Student Orientation programs help students prepare for fall

Sessions prepare students to be a part of the Penn State family
Photo from the back of a room with people seated and watching a screens during a program.

A video welcome message from Penn State President Neeli Bendapudi is just one of the ways students and their families are welcomed to New Student Orientation (NSO) - Advising at Penn State York.  Andrew Caldwell, director of advising and career development, far right at the podium, along with other members of his staff and the campus community, provide visitors with information to help prepare them for the fall semester.  NSO sessions are held in June, July, and August.

Credit: Barbara Dennis

YORK, Pa. — New Student Orientation (NSO) Advising is under way at Penn State York with students and, in some cases, their family members participating in activities to help them become more familiar with the campus and the University. All new first-year students to Penn State must participate in NSO in preparation for their first semester.

The Penn State York Advising and Career Development Office coordinates the program which involves representatives from departments across the campus and faculty members.

"Every year we look forward to welcoming our newest members of the Penn State York community. This program is special because it marks the beginning of each student's first-year experience," said Andrew Caldwell, director of advising and career development at Penn State York and one of the program coordinators. "Given the size and scope of the University, we've found that by meeting individually with every student, learning about their goals, and helping plan their first semester, we demonstrate how invested we are in their success as unique members of the Penn State family."

As part of the NSO program, student participants meet with students, faculty and staff; begin to develop academic and co-curricular goals; become familiar with campus resources; and schedule courses for their first semester. Family members can attend sessions covering the University’s academic structure and ways to support their student; services available through the Nittany Success Center; an overview of student life resources; and a session covering financial aid and paying the bills. NSO is offered on numerous days throughout the summer and students must register to attend.

Another important part of the day is for students to get their ID+ card which is used for a variety of services on campus.

For more information about NSO, please email [email protected] or call 717-771-4053.

New Student Welcome (NSW)

The final step before classes begin on Monday, Aug. 21, is New Student Welcome, or NSW, an interactive, student-facilitated, fun and engaging day for new students to learn more about Penn State York. NSW is all about making connections – with classmates, faculty, staff, the campus and the University. At NSW, students will:

  • Meet other new students
  • Discover student life
  • Hear from current students
  • Learn about the campus and resources
  • Have fun and get excited about Penn State!

NSW is designed for students only and students should plan to stay for the entire program. If you have any questions about NSW, please contact the Penn State York Student Affairs Office at 717-771-4045.

New students should check their email for information on how to register for NSW.