SAT Prep Courses

SAT Strategy Course

SAT scores are required for most college admissions and there is a good deal that rides on student’s scores, namely admission to choice schools and scholarships. Being prepared is the key to success taking the SAT, and Penn State York is committed to providing an opportunity for students to review key concepts for the SAT exam by being able to ask questions and receive immediate answers, interact with other students, and prepare with an experienced live instructor. Our SAT strategy sessions assists students in becoming familiar with the exam content, format, and timing.


It is suggested that students considering this course have completed at least two years of high school algebra.

2022 SAT Dates

  • March 12
  • May 7
  • June 4
  • August 27
  • October 1
  • November 5
  • December 3

For registration deadlines and to register, see College Board SAT Registration.

Course Offerings

Summer 2022

Dates: Monday-Thursday, August 1-4, 2022
Time: 8:30 a.m.-12:45 p.m.
Delivery: Zoom Meeting Room (remote learning)
Cost: $275, student purchases required textbook
Textbook (required the first night of class):

CollegeBoard: The Official SAT Study Guide, ISBN-13: 978-1457312199

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