Academic Advising Award Nomination Form

The Academic Advising Council Subcommittee depends on nominations and supporting information that is provided by students. The members of the committee urge you to nominate a faculty member whom you feel has done an exceptional job of advising, even if it is not your assigned adviser. It is also extremely helpful when you can provide reasons why you think the faculty member should receive the award.

It is important to realize that this award is for academic advising and not for excellence in teaching. If you have a faculty member whom you would like to nominate for the James H. Burness Award for Excellence in Teaching, please follow the teaching award nomination process.

Prior award recipients (Jessica Petko, Ali Kara, Sonia Molloy, and Stephen Foster) and Advising and Career Development staff (Andrew Caldwell, LeighAnn Fry, and Jon Price) are not eligible for the award.

Nominations submitted during the fall 2022 semester will be combined with nominations submitted during the spring 2023 semester.

Please complete the form below to nominate an adviser. Nominations should be received by 5:00 p.m. Friday, December 2, 2022. Thank you for your participation in the selection process.

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